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Westek manufacturers a variety of engineered floors with superior strength to size/weight ratio permitting longer spans.  Because of the exceptional dimensional stability, your floor joists will not bow, crown, twist, cup, check or split.  You can expect little or no shrinkage in our materials, thereby helping to eliminate squeaky floors.  Best of all, our engineered floor joists are easy to handle and quick to install.


i-joist engineered floor system

  • Westek stocks I joists in a wide variety of depths and lengths ready to cut and ship to site.
  • They are used in engineered floor layouts, the floor designs are based on blueprints supplied by the contractor or home builder
  • They offer superior strength to weight ratios, which allows for larger joist spacing and cost savings.
  • They are able to span further than dimensional lumber joists. 
  • Compared to dimensional lumber they will not squeak or shrink.

Tri-Force Joist

tri-force joist engineered floor
  • Westek stocks the Tri-Force products in a wide variety of depth and lengths.
  • Webs are "finger jointed" into the top and bottom cords - no gusset plates.
  • The I joist end can be trimmed to allow for on site custom cutting for site specific lengths.
  • Floor designs are engineered and typically span further than most I joist applications.
  • The open web allows mechanical, plumbing and electrical components can run through the joists without cutting. No gusset plates means larger openings
  • This product is light, strong and easy to install.
  • Manufacturing for the Tri-Force is entirely automated and extremely precise.
  • Load tested beyond original design specifications.

Open Web Floor Truss

open floor web joists edmonton
  • Custom fabricated in the plant (not a stock item).
  • Used in both commercial and residential applications that require very long spans and or heavier loads. 
  • These products are custom designed for the required span and or load, the depth of the product is adjusted to match the requirements.
  • Metal gusset plates are installed for either a top cord or bottom cord bearing based on the required application.

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FAQ: Wood Truss & Engineered Floors

Will using Westek roof trusses help me save money on my building project?
Yes, roof trusses are the most cost effective component available for your roofing system. Our computer controlled design and fabrication means minimum waste. Trusses arrive to your site ready to lift in place resulting in less theft and vandalism, saving you time and money.

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wood truss systems edmonton

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The Westek Truss Advantage

  • Custom Design Options Available
  • Remarkable Flexibility in Floor Plan Layout
  • We handpick mills to supply the best quality lumber, ensuring that your trusses resist twisting, warping and shrinking
  • Computer controlled manufacturing for faster assembly and efficient production

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